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Grant will rehabilitate airport taxiway

Posted by haroldkitching on February 5, 2013 at 2:20 AM

Working out an agreement with the state to accept a major grant for additional work at the Casa Grande city airport was approved Monday night by the City Council.

The work on rehabilitating parallel taxiway A with an overlay and pavement markings is expected to cost $455,069. The city will pay $45,507, or 10 percent, with the rest coming from the Arizona Department of Transportation.

“Basically, ADOT has become very proactive in terms of their pavement management program,” Deputy Public Works Director Greg Smith told the council. “This year, the runway and connecting taxiways were part of their rehabilitation program.”

That work cost $481,816, with the city putting up $48,181.60.

In the past, ADOT has fronted all the construction money. That has now changed, requiring cities to put up their 10 percent in advance.

“Not that that was our fault, but some communities didn’t pay their 10 percent after ADOT went ahead and put in the money,” Smith said, “so now the program requires that we push the money in initially.

“But it’s a good deal, it’s helping keep our airport viable and part of the economic fabric of the community.”

According to the staff report accompanying the agenda item, “This work would greatly extend the life of the parallel taxiway and help minimize future safety concerns due to pavement conditions. Such maintenance work is extremely crucial for the economic viability of the airport.”

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