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From the murk of tedium, sparkling factoids rise

Posted by haroldkitching on February 9, 2013 at 3:55 PM

If you have the stamina of eyesight, brain passages and bladder to slog through page after page of city reports, you often run across sparkling little factoids that (kind of) make it all worthwhile.

That’s the case with the 168-page Casa Grande Comprehensive Annual Financial Report looking back at the fiscal year that ended June 30. (You can find it at

Inside, you’ll find that during the fiscal year:

✦ The city paid out $1,360,948 for employee retirement and health insurance and $32,534 in disability premiums.

✦ The city was unable to collect $110,081 in sewer bills and $88,102 billed for trash collection.

✦ There are 27 park areas in the city, covering 1,611 acres. There are 26 playgrounds.

✦ Casa Grande has 414 miles of streets, 5,340 street lights and 42 intersections with traffic lights.

✦ Sewer lines under the city snake along for 455 miles.

✦ The Police Department patrolled 974,867 miles of streets and investigated 938 traffic accidents.

✦ Police officers made 4,052 arrests for various offenses.

✦ The Fire Department responded to 6,515 emergencies, of which were 4,941 (76.1 percent) were for medical help.

✦ The city library system has 117,108 items in its collections. The total of all lending was 361,334 items. The visitors total for both libraries was 370,693. (The city’s FY 2012 annual report to residents lists the visitors total as 374,693.)

✦ There were 259 residential building permits issued. During 2006, at the height of the building boom, the total was 3,501. Permits for commercial construction hit 63, far below the 339 during the 2006 boom year.

✦ The city has a general depreciation schedule, showing that on average buildings are expected to have useful lives of 40 years, sewer systems from 20 to 50 years, street lights at 20 years, landscaping for about 15 years, vehicles from three to 15 years and equipment from five to 10 years. During the economic crunch, the city has been squeezing more life out of assets such as vehicles and heavy equipment.

✦ The city has a low-income home loans program in cooperation with state and national agencies. At June 30, 2012, there were 60 of these loans outstanding, totaling $516,575.

✦ The largest employers in Casa Grande were the elementary school district with 1,030 workers; Casa Grande Regional Medical Center, 860; Wal-Mart Distribution Center, 560; Wal-Mart Supercenter, 450; Frito-Lay, 450; the city itself, 421; Abbott Labs/Ross Products, 425; Hexcel, 350; National Vitamin, 160; Casa Grande Valley Newspapers, 150. That is 28.08 percent of the entire workforce in Casa Grande.

✦ As of June 30, the city had $10,009,983 in cash and another $95,896,611 in investments.

✦ The city sewage treatment plant handled an average of 4.5 million gallons per day.

✦ Workers collected 19.6 tons of residential trash. Another 60.7 tons of solid waste was collected at the city landfill.

✦ An average of 49.2 pounds of recyclable material was picked up from households.

✦ Public Works crack sealed 322,521 square yards of pavement.

✦ Golfers played the equivalent of 72,282 nine-hole rounds.

✦ Animal Control saw 284 adoptions, an increase of 8 percent.

✦ The Police Department cleared 65 percent of property crimes.

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