BEST Bike Chain Guards

BEST Bike Chain Guards

Bike chain guards are an important component of any bicycle, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your ride. They protect the chain from dirt, debris, and other potentially damaging elements, while also preventing clothing and skin from coming into contact with the hot and moving parts of the chain. Chain guards come in a variety of styles and materials, from lightweight plastic and aluminum to heavier, more durable steel.

Depending on the type of bike you ride, you may need a chain guard for safety and performance reasons. Whether you’re an avid cyclist or just a casual rider, a good chain guard is an essential piece of equipment.

Top 10 Bike Chain Guards [Editor Picks]


Our Rating: 9.9

Product Features:

  • Replacement parts for Burley trailers.


Product Features:

  • 【Premium Quality】: Our product is silicone material with 3M super glue on the back, which is very strong and extremely resistant to weathering and embrittlement. It can effectively protect bicycle paint and frame materials from damage for a long time.
  • 【Advantages】: Reduce the bumps caused by the contact between the chain and the frame. In order to better protect the chain and frame, the material is made of silicone, which can be firmly adhered to whether it is a small taper or a special-shaped tube.
  • 【Easy to Install】: All bikes have different geometries, these chain guards are universal and easily fit all bike sizes
  • Quantity: 2 pcs, Weight: 16g (0.035lb), extremely light weight, simple installation, simple and beautiful, and cleanable surface.
  • 【Service】: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to solve your problems quickly and efficiently.


Product Features:

  • Protection: This chain guard protects the bicycle chain from scratches and friction, effectively prevents grease from entering the dirty chain, and prolongs the use time.
  • Easy to Install : Our chain wheel protector comes with screws, easy to install, it can raise your front derailleur to avoid it from rubbing against the guard
  • Material: The chain guard ring is made of good plastic, light weight, good wear resistance, not easy to deform or break.
  • Ergonomic design: This plastic bicycle chain guard ring is light in weight and does not increase the burden of driving. The ergonomic circular design provides more traction, reduces leg or knee fatigue, and ensures smooth driving.
  • Size: About 10.1*7.4cm/3.98*2.91inch (distance between outer holes*distance between inner holes); Package Includes: 1Pc * Chain Guard Ring/ 8Pcs * Screw.Please measure your size before purchasing, wish you a happy life!.


Product Features:

  • 【Dustproof and Rustproof】Wrap-around dustproof and rustproof. The bike chain guard prevents dust from contaminating the crank group while long-term parking. It is not easy to rust and keep your bike chain wheel clean on its free time
  • 【Wear-resistant and Waterproof】Wear-resistant and waterproof Pu surface. The bicycle chain guard is waterproof PU fitted with polyester cloth to protect the disc from being soaked by rain. Give your bike more intimate protection
  • 【Unique Shape Design】The bike crankset sleeve that is very expand and not easy to deform.The reflective logo makes it easy to find even when you're in the dark. The silk screen pattern is durable and not easy to fall off. Simple and stylish appearance as well as three-dimensional lightfastness
  • 【Easy to Install】The 9.45 x 7.87 x 0.79 inches bag fit for most mountain bike cranksets and road bicycle chainwheels. Drop-resistant stretch Velcro tightens the fixed lever. Only takes you few minutes to install without any installation guide
  • 【Gentleman's Promise】 CHIMONA is committed to providing the top service and products to our customers. Any quality or other problems please feel free to contact us via Amazon inbox message for a free replacement or refund


Product Features:

  • Manufacturing Material: Bike chain guard protector is made of high quality plastic material, strong and durable, which can be used for a long time.
  • Simple Operation: Easy to install, simple to use, will not increase the burden of riding, beautify the bike, to bring you a more comfortable riding experience.
  • Great Protection: Protect the disc from scratches and friction and prevent oil or dust from contaminating the disc, perfect for daily riding.
  • High Performance: Ability to replace old or damaged bike accessories, resulting in a significant improvement in performance.
  • Easy to Use: Easy to use and fine workmanship. Without any difficult requirements even though you use it for the first time.


Product Features:

  • Good Protection: Chain wheel crankset cover protects the chain from scratches and rubbing, and prevents oil or dirt from staining the chain, can prevent the trouser legs from being turned into the chainring gear during riding.
  • Plastic Material: 4 Hole Chainring Guard is made of Plastic. This crank ring protector is lightweight with simple and classic design. Chain Wheel Great acessory Replacement for your chain wheel.
  • Protect Bicycle Crank Ring: This bicycle crank ring protector provides a good protection for your bicycle crank ring and prevents your clothes from getting dirty while riding
  • Comprehensive Accessories: This bicycle crankshaft protector set provides screws, so you do not need to purchase additional accessories during installation
  • Lightweight Design: This bicycle crankshaft protector has a simple and classic design, and the plastic material ensures that it is lightweight and easy to replace


Product Features:

  • Durable:Plastic bike chain guard has good abrasion resistance and is not easy to deform or break.
  • Installation:Bike sprocket guard is equipped with 8 screws.You only need to put on the protective cover of the bicycle crank and tighten the screws.
  • Lightweight and Practical:Bicycle chain cover is light in weight and will not increase the burden of driving.It can reduce the fatigue of the legs or knees and ensure smooth driving.ical:Bicycle chain cover is light in weight and will not increase the burden of driving.It can reduce the fatigue of the legs or knees and ensure smooth driving.
  • Protection:Chainstay protector can protects the bicycle chain from scratches and friction,effectively prevents grease from entering the dirty chain,and extend the use time.At the same time,avoid clothing from getting dirty.
  • Use:Bicycle chain wheel crankset support protection cover is an excellent sprocket accessory,as long as your bicycle chain sprocket is 42T,you can use this chain cover.It is very suitable for mountain bikes,road bikes,etc.


Product Features:

  • 【BEST QUALITY】: Made of flexible carbon fiber leather fabric with moderate thickness, robust.The durability is fantastic.To better protect the chain and the frame,there is flexibility in the material to allow for small tapering and positioning, but the tighter the fit, the better and more secure it will be.
  • 【ADVANTAGES】: Size: 23.5x10.5cm (9.25x4.13in) Weight: 19g (0.04lb), very light weight, installation was simple and the fact that it is removable makes it easy to clean.
  • 【CHARACTERISTICS】: This simple Bike Chainstay Protector fits well around the chainstay to protect from stone chips and from damage from the chain. It comes in different sizes,just pay attention to the size you need.If you don't have a flexible tape, use a strip of paper to wrap around your drive side chainstay, make a mark and measure this instead.It is important to measure the circumference of the chainstay on the bike this will be installed on to ensure the right size is ordered.
  • 【APPLICATION】:This bike chain guards easy to install.Just open the velcro, wrap around your chainstay, and reclose. Chain Stay Pad for Mountain Bike, BMX, MTB, Roadbike.
  • 【SERVICE】: Please do not hesitate to contact us for any problems, will do our best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.


Product Features:

  • Please Pay Attention:Please pay attention to the riders, make sure if the dimensions of your crank set is applicable to this cover. Only bike chain cover for the M430 and M590 and M390's support plate, suitable for the largest 44toothed crankset. Attention should be paid during installation. When some sprocket wheels are shipped from the factory, there is no thread in the mounting hole and you need to tap yourself.
  • Distance Measure Method:Mountain Bike Chain Guard of your chain has fallen off and is damaged or lost, you can use the measuring tool to measure the distance of the diagonal screw holes on the sprocket and compare it with our products. We show the size of the protective cover in the figure.
  • Plastic Material:4 Hole Chainring Guard is made of Plastic. This crank ring protector is lightweight with simple and classic design. Chain Wheel Great acessory for your chain wheel. Bike Sprocket Guard Provided with screws and gaskets, ycle sprocket guard easy to install. Diagonal Pitch: Approx. 15.5cm/6.1inch. Adjacent Pitch: Approx. 11cm/4.3inch.
  • Good Protection:Crankset Cover Guard Give your crank ring a good protection, and Mountain Bike Guard prevent your clothes get dirty at the same time. It is important to note that some of the 590's sprocket wheel does not have four screw holes. The sprocket wheel cannot be used for this tray. Please confirm it carefully.
  • Tips:Some riders feeddback that the screw is short, this is a must, the length of the screw is just right, bike chainring guard can not be long, and it will affect the shifting when it is long. This thing can be installed OK, no need to be stressed, so it is not necessary to long screws.


Product Features:

  • Unique Protection: This crankshaft protector is lightweight, simple in design, practical and stylish. Protect your crankset while preventing your clothes from getting dirty.
  • Wide Application: Great accessories for your chain wheel. This chain wheel protector is suitable for 44T links such as M430, M590, M390.
  • Easy Installation: screws and washers ensure easy installation and removal, no additional tools are required, giving you convenient using experience
  • Note: Before you order it, please measure the size of each hole and the diameter of the entire crankset to make sure it can fit your bike.
  • Warranty: Please confirm size and compatibility before order. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us. Any product quality problem or service issue, please feel free to email us for help. We will reply you within 24 hours

Why We Recommend Bike Chain Guards

1. Material Considerations for Chain Guards

When selecting a bike chain guard, there are a variety of material considerations to take into account. The most common materials used for chain guards are plastic, aluminum, and steel. Plastic chain guards are lightweight and inexpensive, but may not be as durable as other materials. Aluminum chain guards are lightweight and strong but are more expensive than plastic. Steel chain guards are the most durable, but are also the heaviest and most expensive.

Additionally, some chain guards may be made of a combination of materials, such as a plastic frame with an aluminum cover. Depending on the type of riding and the environment, different materials may be more suitable. For example, plastic chain guards may be more suitable for light recreational riding, while aluminum chain guards may be more suitable for off-road biking. Ultimately, the material of the chain guard should be chosen based on the rider’s needs and preferences.

2. Size and Fit for Chain Guards

Bike chain guards are designed to protect the chain from dirt, debris, and weather while also preventing it from coming off the sprocket. The size and fit of a chain guard is important to ensure that it fits properly and securely on the bike. The size of the chain guard should be determined by the size of the bike’s chainring, as well as the width of the chain. The chain guard should fit snugly around the chain, so that it does not move around and cause the chain to come off the sprocket.

The fit of the chain guard should also be adjusted to ensure that it is not too loose or too tight. Once the chain guard is properly fitted, it should be securely fastened to the bike frame to ensure that it does not come off during use.

3. Mounting Options for Chain Guards

Bike chain guards are a great way to ensure that the chain stays in place and is free from dirt and dust. They also help to protect the chain from any damage that can be caused by the environment or from being mishandled. There are a variety of mounting options available for chain guards, depending on the type of bike and the type of chain guard being used. For example, some chain guards are designed to fit directly onto the chain, while others require a separate mounting bracket. Some chain guards are designed to fit onto the frame of the bike, while others are designed to fit onto the rear wheel. Additionally, some chain guards are designed to fit onto the derailleur, while others are designed to fit onto the chainring. Depending on the type of bike and the type of chain guard being used, the mounting options available can vary.

4. Durability of Chain Guards

Bike chain guards are designed to be durable and provide long-term protection for the chain from wear and tear. They are made from a variety of materials, such as steel, aluminum, and plastic, and are designed to fit various types and sizes of bicycles. Chain guards are designed to protect the chain from dirt and debris, keeping it clean and free from rust and corrosion. They also help to keep the chain from coming into contact with the frame, reducing the risk of damage to the frame or chain.

Additionally, they can help to reduce the amount of noise the chain produces when it is in motion. Chain guards are generally strong and durable, and can last for many years with proper maintenance.

Final Words

Bike chain guards are an essential part of any bicycle. They provide protection from dirt and debris, and can also help to keep your chain from becoming damaged. They are available in a variety of styles and materials, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a basic guard or something more decorative, you’ll be sure to find a bike chain guard that meets your needs. With the right bike chain guard, you can ensure that your bike chain is well-protected and will last for many years to come.

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