BEST Distance Golf Balls

BEST Distance Golf Balls

Golf is a sport that has been around for centuries, and over the years, it has evolved to become an ever-popular recreational activity. As technology has advanced, so too has the gear and equipment used by golfers. One of the most important pieces of equipment for any golfer is the ball. Distance golf balls are a special type of golf ball designed to maximize the distance of each shot. These balls are made with a variety of materials and technologies that give them extra distance and accuracy. Distance golf balls are becoming increasingly popular among golfers, as they allow them to hit the ball further and more accurately. This article will explore the different types of distance golf balls that are available, as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

Top 10 Distance Golf Balls [Editor Picks]


Product Features:

  • React Speed Core
  • 342 Aerodynamic Dimple Pattern
  • 2 Layer Construction, Ionomer Cover, Mid-Launch, Max Distance, Mid/High Spin, And Softer Feel
  • Item Package Weight: 1.25 Pounds


Product Features:


Product Features:

  • Digit Number:1,2,3,4
  • Excellent greenside control.
  • Longer distance,super soft and high spin.
  • Greater core offers outstanding distance while maintaining great accuracy.
  • Using high quality rubber raw material,excellents process design to ensure ultra-high ball durability and wear-resistant.


Product Features:

  • Personalize your balls with up to 3 lines of text
  • A maximum of 17 characters on each line
  • React speed core - High speed, low driver spin performance
  • Plus alignment aid - Precision alignment with immediate feedback
  • 342 dimple pattern


Product Features:

  • LONG DISTANCE - Reclaim your lost distance. Diawings Golf Balls' core technology is combination of 90% of Diawings’ COR (coefficient of restitution) and 10% of spring COR of driver face. This combination creates higher COR from a slower swing speed to achieve maximum impact energy
  • STRAIGHT SHOOT - Anti Slice and Anti Hook Diawings gains distance by producing extremely low spin which also helps with players with slice problems. When player ‘Slice’ a shot, it increases ‘Side spin’ which resulting overly influenced trajectory. Diawings balls are helpful for every category of player with swing speed under 95 mph man, woman, kids, and senior golfers.
  • QUALITY - Constructed with DuPont(DOW) dimple cover and LG chemical core.
  • NEW 6 PACK PACKAGING - ALL NEW 6 ball packaging Fits right into the golf bags. Ideal for unique gift to friends and family.
  • Certifications - Conformed to R&A and USGA (WHITE)


Product Features:

  • Power; Playability; Distance
  • High energy react core; Maximizes distance off of the tee
  • Soft ionomer cover; Responsive soft game performance


Product Features:

  • Dialed-up for peak performance
  • The core is the engine. Pinnacle rush contains a proprietary, high-energy core for fast ball speed helping all golfers hit the ball farther with every club
  • Our advanced icosahedral dimple design with 332 Dimples along with a soft, durable ionomer cover combine for great feel and a consistent, powerful ball flight


Product Features:

  • SUPER REACTIVE 2 PIECE TITANIUM CORE tournament construction maximizes the energy transfer from club head to ball, spins less, giving explosive distance off your metal woods. Wind cheating flight stability
  • HIGH VELOCITY LONG DISTANCE The aerodynamic and symmetrical dimple design increases lift and decreases drag allowing for longer shots. These Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls have Improved feel on & around the golfing greens
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE cut-proof cover is constructed of Dupont Lithium Surlyn for long term durability, high performance, outstanding resilience, and excellent resistance to cuts and abrasions
  • VIRTUALLY INDESTRUCTIBLE cut-proof cover is constructed of Dupont Lithium Surlyn for long term durability, high performance, outstanding resilience, and excellent resistance to cuts and abrasions
  • USGA APPROVED Conforms to all USGA rules, developed for and appeals to all levels of player from beginning golfer to professional to elite golfer. 15 ball pack (5 boxes of 3) in highly-visible Orange


Product Features:

  • Durable and soft sheer cover
  • Impact propulsion core for longer carry
  • Great feel and increased spin around the greens
  • Patented dimple design for straighter flight


Product Features:

  • Revolutionary Chromax technology creates unprecedented visibility in all light conditions
  • 90 compression: Translucent soft Surlyn coating
  • Professional Level Performance
  • Designed for golfers with faster swing speeds and lower handicaps
  • Available in 3 High Visibility Colors: Green, Gold, and Silver

Buying Guide for Distance Golf Balls

Distance golf balls are designed to maximize the distance the ball will travel when hit with a club. This is achieved through a combination of aerodynamics, materials, and construction. When shopping for distance golf balls, there are several features to consider.

Aerodynamics: The aerodynamic design of a golf ball affects how it travels through the air. Distance golf balls are designed with a dimpled surface to reduce drag and increase lift. This helps the ball travel further when hit.

Materials: The materials used to make the golf ball also affect its distance. Most distance golf balls are made with a combination of rubber cores and a urethane cover. The rubber core provides the ball with an optimal launch angle and trajectory, while the urethane cover helps reduce spin for increased distance.

Construction: Distance golf balls are designed with a specific construction to maximize distance. The dimples on the golf ball are designed to create turbulence in the air, which helps reduce drag and increase lift. The core is also designed to be lightweight and compressible, which helps the ball travel further.

Price: Distance golf balls can range in price from $10 to $50 or more. The price of the ball will depend on the materials and construction used to make it. Generally, more expensive balls will be made with higher quality materials and have more advanced construction features.

Durability: Distance golf balls are designed to be durable, but some may not last as long as others. If you are looking for a ball that will last through multiple rounds, you may want to look for a ball with a durable urethane cover.

These are the main features to consider when shopping for distance golf balls. Be sure to read reviews and compare different models to find the best ball for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are distance golf balls designed to fly farther than regular golf balls?

Yes, distance golf balls are designed to fly farther than regular golf balls. They are specifically designed to optimize launch conditions and minimize drag, which allows them to fly farther than regular golf balls.

Q2. Do distance golf balls provide more spin?

Yes, distance golf balls provide more spin than standard golf balls. Distance golf balls typically have a firmer core and a softer cover, which helps them generate more spin. The firmer core helps to generate more spin on shots hit with a driver or iron, while the softer cover helps to generate more spin on shots hit with a wedge. Distance golf balls also typically have a higher launch angle, which helps them stay in the air longer and spin more when they land.

Q3. Are distance golf balls allowed in tournaments?

No, distance golf balls are not allowed in tournaments. The rules of golf set by the USGA and R&A do not allow the use of distance golf balls in tournament play. Distance golf balls are designed to go farther than regular golf balls and are not allowed in competitive play.

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