BEST Gymnastics Parallel Bars

BEST Gymnastics Parallel Bars

Gymnastics Parallel Bars is an event in the sport of gymnastics. It is an exciting event that challenges athletes to demonstrate their strength, flexibility, and coordination. The parallel bars are two horizontal bars, set at different heights and distances from each other, allowing the athlete to perform a variety of movements. This event requires a combination of strength and grace, as the athlete must demonstrate a variety of complex and difficult movements. Gymnastics Parallel Bars is a thrilling event to watch, as the athletes demonstrate their strength, agility, and skill. It is also a great way to stay fit and healthy, as it requires a combination of physical and mental strength.

Top 10 Gymnastics Parallel Bars [Editor Picks]


Product Features:

  • Double Locking Design: Helping children grow up healthily and safely is what we have been pursuing. Therefore, the parallel bars are designed with double locks to ensure the safety of children during training. Both the tube and the base have knobs to prevent the parallel bars from loosening during use.
  • Heavy-duty Structure: The strong structure is welded by triangular support A3 steel pipe, and the 0.06'' thick stainless steel plate gives the bars a great stability. The heavy structure enables the parallel bars to have a bearing capacity of up to 220lbs, ensuring your child has strong support in training.
  • Adjustable Height& Width: The parallel bars are adjustable from 38" to 55" in 11 levels, which is very suitable for children of different heights and can accompany their growth. In addition, the design of parallel bars is suitable for a variety of exercises to bring more fun to children.
  • Easy Assembly & Disassembly: The parallel bars are very easy to assemble and disassemble, all the process does not need other auxiliary tools. And there are detailed installation steps in the manual so that you can easily assemble all the parts together.
  • Fantastic Gift for Children: Our gymnastics parallel bar is perfect for 6 to 12-year-old kids, because it can keep them away from their mobile phones. Our gymnastics parallel bars can help develop the temperament of children, exercise their hands and feet coordination ability.


Product Features:

  • 600LBS Loading Capacity: This dip station is constructed with heavy-duty steel frame.Improved structure design for safety.The 600LBS capacity allows advanced users to do weight-bearing exercises.
  • Stable Side: The 42 x 40IN Steel-made H-shape base extended the grounding area, safe and stable without rollover.
  • Anti-slip Foot: This foot pad can help you fit the ground more firmly. To increase the safety and stability of exercise.
  • Multifunction: Perfect for bar exercises, chest dips, hanging leg, pull ups, push ups, leg raise and more.


Product Features:

  • 【STURDY CONSTRUCTION】 This dip bar is equipped with heavy duty construction, which has 1100lbs weight capacity and double safety connector. Instead of two free components, two safety stabilizers adjoin them at the floor to prevent slipping and wobbling.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT and WIDTH】 As an adjustable dip station, its width is 35''- 41'' inch, its height is 30.7''- 35.43'' inch. Carrying out to sustain or improve health and fitness, you can adjust it to suit your needs for various types of exercise.
  • 【MULTIPLE FUNCTION】 The parallel bars can be used for multiple exercises that are beneficial to strength training such as chest dips, pull-ups, hanging leg, and calisthenics. As simple home gym equipment, it is supposed to effectively work out your arms, chest, shoulders, back, and more.
  • 【SIMPLE & PORTABLE】 This equalizer bar is simplified the assemble process and only takes a couple of minutes to set up it. Its lightweight design is also very easy to store and carry, allowing you to perform full-body exercise anytime, anywhere.
  • 【CUSTOMER SERVICE】 This dip equipment enjoys warranty guaranteed. If you have any questions or concerns with your order, you can contact us through Amazon freely, we will get back and help you in time.


Product Features:

  • 24" fixed width


Product Features:

  • 【Heavy-duty & Stable Design】 Teclor push up bar can carry up to 660LBS. It is made of fully welded heavy duty steel. The thickness of the steel tube is 2mm, real manual measurement, absolute commercial material. Ergonomic design provides absolute stability. Two screws on each side versus one and great bar diameter to increase the stability of the push-up bar.
  • 【Superior Designed Rubber Feet & Handles】 Soft & textured rubber feet can protect the floor from damage. The push up handles for floor not slide, even during intense exercise on hard floors. The rubber pads of calisthenics equipment have different edge thicknesses, so by rotating the rubber feet can help you adjust your balance if you are exercising on an uneven floor. The 1.5in diameter handle and full top tube foam grip save your hands while greatly increasing grip.
  • 【Perfect Size】 The parallettes size L:17in* W:8.3in *H:9.5in, 1.5in diameter, 0.079in (2mm) tube thickness. Commercial thickness can fully support 660LBS. Extended handle and perfect height provide the right space great for you to do dips, pushups, V-sits, L-sits, tuck, planche, handstand push ups, ab workouts , stretches and many more bodyweight strength training.
  • 【Easy to Assemble & Portable】 Our professional dip bar simplify the installation and removal process and add the screwdriver set. It only takes 2min to install or removal 8 screws. This makes it convenient to take them to gyms or outdoor, and easy to store. Make the most of your time, any time, any place you can start burning muscle.
  • 【100% Satisfaction】 Teclor has been specializing in fitness equipment for over 20 years. We guarantee 100% satisfaction in terms of quality. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We always ready to help you.


Product Features:

  • PARALLETTE BARS: Solid stainless steel construction with high density, non slip commercial grade grips
  • DIP STAND: Perfect for performing dips, pushups, L-sits, stretches and many more bodyweight strength training exercises
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & SUPPORTIVE: Each bar weighs 5 pounds and supports up to 400 pounds
  • EASY TO STORE: Parallettes are extremely portable and easy to assemble and store - 12"H x 25"L (Grip Width 13.5" / T-Leg Width 16")
  • INCLUDES: Two (2) Yellow Lebert Parallettes Bars plus two downloadable PDF Workout Guides (Lebert Fitness Parallette Beginner Workout Guide and the Back to Basics Equalizer Workout Guide)


Product Features:

  • 【No pressure to shoulders】 The unconnected base allows you to choose the most comfortable distance of the dip bars to avoid shoulder pressure and get the best exercise experience, instead of being limited by the hole distance on the connected bar.
  • 【Six handgrip positions】In addition to the 15.75 IN top handgrip, the Sportsroyals parallel bars are also equipped with two 7.68IN side handgrips for each dip bar, which ensure that users will get the best exercise experience no matter they use only one dip bar or use 2 dip bars together.
  • 【3-Level Adjustable height】The Sportsroyals dip bar can be adjusted within 30.07IN-34.64IN-38.58IN, which allows people of different build to use, meanwhile efficiently avoid the knees hit the floor.
  • 【Adjustable foot cover】For un-flat floors, the adjustable foot cover will help you to keep the dip station stable. To keep the dip bars stable, just turn the pinion until all of the feet fully attached to the floor.
  • 【Customer Service】We provide lifetime service for the Sportsroyals dip station, you can get replacements for damaged parts no matter how long you have bought it.


Product Features:

  • GREAT ADDITION FOR ANY HOME GYM | Building a home gym? You need the right home equipment - These versatile parallettes pushup bars allow you to perform several upper body exercises from the comfort of your home - size: 16 x 8.5 x 9 in with a 1.3 in diameter tube - Each parallette is made of industrial-grade solid steel
  • EXTREMELY VERSATILE | Portable and versatile enough to handle various upper body workouts - These parallettes provide a convenient all in one exercise solution for CrossFit, gymnastics and calisthenics bodyweight training movements - use the added eBook for exercise instructions and body weight workout tips on push-up / planche training
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION FOR MAX DURABILITY | These heavy duty parallettes are manufactured with industrial grade steel and engineered with a solid design for best in class durability and uncompromising performance - They feature detailed welding and non-skid feet for maximum safety and eliminated slippage during exercise
  • SAFE NON-SKID FEET + FULL FOAM TOP FOR MAX GRIP | Prevent injury and facilitate proper form during your workout with the solid steel design and construction of these heavy duty parallel bars - Non-skid feet ensure additional safety and stability during exercise - plus, a built-in full top tube foam grip support protects hands anywhere you grab the bar
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE | Here at RubberBanditz, we stand behind the quality of our workout equipment - We've built our reputation on excellent products and unwavering customer service - If for any reason these light duty push up parallettes bars do not meet your expectations, simply send them back to our team for a full refund


Product Features:

  • adjustable height & width


Product Features:

  • 【1 BAR SYSTERM 5 Modes】 5 different set-ups in 1 Bar System, changes from a single Horizontal Bar to Double Bar, to uneven bar, to parallel bar, to Muti-Use Fun/Wall Station
  • 【NEW STRUCTURE】 Adjust by oneself, no need other help/Sliding Structure, make width adjust no limitation, any width from 0” to 52”/Improved height structure, when height is 55”, bar is no wobble, very stable, from 39” to 63”, 13 level choice/Base is 8ft, anti-slip bottom design, not Scratch floor, increase stability/Middle connection is used square tube, compared with flat steel, it is more stable/Two Knobs structure, make bar arm fix better, increase stability.
  • 【PERFECT MATERIAL】 Adjustable Pole is made of REAL 304 stainless steel, can be used as mirror, all life No Rust & No Scratch. Scale values on it, finally do not need ruler to check height, convenient to adjust exactly height/Fiberglass Crossbar, compared with wood bar, more durable and flexible, professional feeling as competition/8 points fixed, compared with 4 points fixed, more durable and safety/Hight Quality heavy duty steel structure, powder coated, no rust, outdoor & indoor use
  • 【REAL EASY Adjust & Assembly & Move & Storage】 Base pole inner triangle construction and side sliding structure makes this type of bar system REAL easily adjust, assemble, move and storage, SUPER easily to adjust height and width, super easy to change between single bar, double bar, uneven bar, parallel bar and Muti-Use Fun/Wall Station, super easy to move it from one room to another room, or from indoor to outdoor, or carry to park.
  • 【100% GUARANTEED AFTER SALE SERVICE】 Guarantee ONE year free repair and life time maintenance. We hope you and your kids are happy when you open box and use it, so please contact us directly if you and your kids have any questions, we will try our best to work with you to solve all problems. We are all here for you.

Why We Recommend Gymnastics Parallel Bars

1. Height Adjustability

Height Adjustability on Gymnastics Parallel Bars is a very important feature for gymnasts. It allows the athlete to adjust the bars to the appropriate height for their skill level, allowing them to practice and perfect their routines without any unnecessary strain on their body. The height can be adjusted to suit the individual athlete’s needs, so they can practice the same routine over and over again without having to worry about the height of the bars. This allows the athlete to focus on their form and technique, rather than worrying about the height of the bars. The height adjustability also allows coaches to adjust the bars to the appropriate height for their students, so they can practice and perfect their skills without any discomfort or strain. Height adjustability is an important feature in gymnastics parallel bars, and it is essential for any gymnast to have access to this feature.

2. Durable Construction

Gymnastics Parallel Bars are designed with durable construction for long-term use. They are made of a heavy-duty steel frame and feature a powder-coated finish for superior corrosion resistance. The bars are also designed with a high-grade, non-slip rubber grip for added safety and comfort. The bars are also adjustable in height, allowing them to be used by different sized athletes. The bars are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, making them perfect for use in a home gym, at the gym, or even outdoors. With their superior construction and design, Gymnastics Parallel Bars are the perfect choice for any gymnast looking to practice and perfect their routines.

3. Non-Slip Grips

Gymnastics parallel bars are an important piece of equipment used in gymnastics training. They are used to help gymnasts learn proper form and technique for a variety of skills, including handstands, swings, and other maneuvers. To ensure the safety of the gymnast, it is important to have non-slip grips on the bars. Non-slip grips are typically made of rubber or foam and provide extra grip and traction while helping to prevent slipping and sliding.

They also help to reduce the risk of blisters and other injuries. Non-slip grips are especially important for gymnasts who are learning new skills, as they provide a secure hold and allow them to practice without fear of slipping. Non-slip grips are also beneficial for experienced gymnasts, as they provide a secure hold for more difficult maneuvers. Non-slip grips are an essential part of any gymnastics parallel bars, and they should be checked regularly to ensure that they are in good condition and providing the necessary level of grip and traction.

4. Easy Assembly

Gymnastics Parallel Bars are an essential piece of equipment for any gymnast. They are designed to provide a stable platform for a gymnast to perform a variety of skills, such as handstands, pirouettes, and swings. The bars are usually made from wood or metal and consist of two horizontal bars that are adjustable in height and width. The bars are connected with a central bar and a pair of adjustable supports. The bars can be set up quickly and easily, making them ideal for home or gym use. With the right setup, gymnasts can perform a variety of skills and build strength and agility. The bars are an invaluable tool for any gymnast and can be used to improve overall performance.

Final Words

Gymnastics Parallel Bars is an incredibly challenging yet rewarding event in the sport of gymnastics. It requires a combination of strength, coordination, and agility to execute the complex movements. The event is a test of physical and mental toughness, as well as an opportunity to showcase artistry and technique. As a result, it is an event that can be enjoyed by both spectators and athletes alike. With its combination of strength, coordination, agility, and artistry, Parallel Bars is a unique event in gymnastics and one that will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.

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