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Skate padded shorts are the perfect way to protect yourself while skating. They provide a layer of protection between your body and the ground, reducing the risk of injury. Skate padded shorts are designed to provide superior protection while allowing the skater to move freely and comfortably. They come in many different styles, colors, and sizes, making them a great choice for any skater. Skate padded shorts are also lightweight and breathable, making them ideal for all-day wear. With the right pair of skate padded shorts, you can stay safe and have fun while skating.

Top 10 Skate Padded Shorts [Editor Picks]


Product Features:

  • Cushion your hips, tailbone and butt with built in pads
  • Stretchable Spandex shorts with 2 way stretch and elastic waist
  • Crash pads specially designed to soften the landing and protection for hips, tailbone and butt.
  • Impact Resistant padding ¾ inch thick foam protection
  • Stop the fear & ease the pain of falling. Perfect For figure skating, ice skating, roller derby, snowboarding, roller skating, soccer goaltenders & more.


Product Features:

  • Be limitless, Be fearless -- Your choice of rugged and hidden armor for your vulnerable hip, thigh, sit bone, and tailbone that efficiently bends and moves along with the body. Have your own Bodyprox Protective Shorts during outdoor and all action sports activities such as Snowboarding, skateboarding, Cycling, roller sports, mountain biking, skating, and other extreme activities.
  • Premium Protection -- With our very own Protective Shorts that are equipped with generous shock absorbing EVA foam cushions strategically placed to the rear, thigh and tailbone area, this ensured exceptional comfort and protection from scratches, bumps or even drop during an intense outdoor activity.
  • Skillfully produced from the highest-grade breathable fabric, combine features of Nylon and Spandex, skin-friendly material that absolutely fit your body, quick-dry technology which prevents fabric from sticking to the skin, providing an exceptional ease of use at the same time, have soft and comfortable custom fit waistband that allows excellent mobility.
  • Durable and Flexible -- Durability and stability whilst flexible at the same time without the discomfort that comes with traditional and known padded shorts. Your all-in-one protection for lumbar, butt and thigh area.
  • Relaxed-Fit and Skin-Friendly -- Since it is ideally worn underpants, it is the combination the highest grade elements from Nylon, Spandex and Vent Mesh materials keep the skin from moisture and retains the skin cool, dry and fresh. Lightweight even with sufficient amount of pads and precisely designed for comfort.


Product Features:

  • Keep Your Body Protected – It comprises of a protection pad that help to cover your thigh, butt, hip and also the tailbone. In turn, this provides a satisfactory protection to sports like longboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing and mountain biking. With this short, you don’t need to worry about any potential injuries that affects sensitive areas.
  • Lightweight & Breathable – Our protective padded compression short is made of breathable fabric mesh which ensures you feel comfortable, cool and fresh. Considering all these, the user wearing these shorts will always feel comfortable. It can easily be washed by hand.
  • Flexible Movement - Elastic material which the 3D padded short is made from provides better tear as well as high elasticity for exceptional mobility. Once your thighs, hips and tailbones are well protected properly, you can move without restriction.
  • Exceptional heat and collision Resistant feature – Our protective hip shorts are well produced with a combination of Spandex and Nylon material. These are friendly materials to the skin that molds perfectly fit your body. Also, with these, the fabric won’t be sticky to the body, which in turn allows excellent mobility.
  • Designed for Outdoor Sport – These protective padded short remains your best choice for any outdoor activities for instance skiing, skateboarding, roller sports, snowboarding, skating, cycling, ensuring you remain safe!


Product Features:

  • MATERIAL: 0.79inch/2cm EVA Pads, Polyester and Spandex Fabric. The thick EVA shock-absorbing pads provide excellent protection for your crotch, tailbone and hip. The mesh fabric in front makes it breathable to wear inside or outside pants.
  • ADJUSTABLE WAIST: Elastic waistband, with the front fly hook & loop design to be adjustable.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: Great impact pants for all indoor or outdoor sports demanding most intensive protection: Roller Skating, Skiing, Skidding, Snowboarding, Scooter, Riding, Cycling, Motorcycling, etc..
  • SIZE: The adjustable waist is elastic for a snug fit. Please measure carefully and choose size according to our SIZE CHART before ordering, not based on your experience. If you’re not sure between the two sizes, please choose the larger one.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1 x Padded Shorts. Gentle hand wash in cold water.


Product Features:

  • Heavy-duty impact shorts for skateboarding and snowboarding provide coverage from the waist to just above the knee; made to fit comfortably and discreetly under clothing
  • In collaboration with professional skaters, these lightweight, breathable padded shorts were ergonomically designed for mobility and flexibility in extreme conditions
  • Equipped with 10mm thick EVA foam pad for increased protection for hips, thighs and tailbone; pads are removable to customize padding zones
  • Available in five sizes to fit kids, youth, and adults: X-Small fits 22 – 27 inches, Small fits 26 – 30 inches, Medium fits 29 – 33 inches, Large fits 32 – 38 inches, X-Large fits 36 – 42 inches
  • To determine proper size, measure around waist; pads and shorts are machine washable; manufacturer's 180-day limited warranty


Product Features:

  • Roller Derby impact shorts that fit comfortably and discreetly under clothing; features convenient small inside pocket for a mouth guard
  • Lightweight, breathable pads are ergonomically designed for women's bodies, in collaboration with professional roller derby skaters
  • Equipped with 10mm thick EVA foam pad for increased protection for hips, thighs and tailbone; pads are removable to customize padding zones
  • Available in five sizes to fit kids, youth, and adults: X-Small fits 22 – 27 inches, Small fits 26 – 30 inches, Medium fits 29 – 33 inches, Large fits 32 – 38 inches, X-Large fits 36 – 42 inches


Product Features:

  • Special Design:Butt hip guard pad adopting triangle design, Children Sports Butt Pad avoids restriction to motion. Child Buttocks Tailbone Protector Perfect protector and guard for vulnerable hip which is breathable and aims to increase surface friction, Protective Butt Pad for Kids having more fun while playing.
  • EVA Material:3D Padded Protective Shorts Hip Butt EVA Pad made of quality material, lightweight, durable. Hip, tailbone, sit bone and thighs padding constructed design to prevent from falling injury. 3D Padded Protection Hip reduce the contact and impact when your kids' body hit the danger surface.
  • A Sweet Gift for Kids:Child 3D Protection Hip is a wonderful gift for your kids who like sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, figure skating, roller skating, skateboard, scooter, hockey, most indoor and outdoor sports.
  • Easy to Use:3D Sports Protection for Hip Adjustable and stretchy strap with eye splice lock, 3D Padded Protection Hip easy to wear.
  • Perfect Protection:Shorts Mat butt hip pad protective with padding whose thickness up to 25mm, Kids Protective Hip Pad offering perfect protection. The Child Hip Protection breathable lightweight high-quality soft skin-friendly stretchy fabric material allow you and your kids to wear it comfortably.


Product Features:

  • Padded constructed design in hips, tailbone and thighs reduce the contact and impact when your kids body hit the danger surface
  • Breathable, lightweight and sweat-wickig material,make your kids feel comfortable when doing the exercise.
  • Elastic waistband for snug fit,non-slip silicone strip on the leg opening make it stay in place when doing movements.
  • Perfect for football, basketball, soccer, paintball, skiing, bike, cycling, skate,crossfit, volleyball, hockey,volleyball, etc.
  • Please kindly choose the size according to OUR SIZE CHART on the product image or in the product description,thank you.


Product Features:

  • 【Impact protection】– Our shorts are equipped with 9 pieces of high quality EVA foam pads in the rear, hip, thigh, and tailbone area. The pads are 20mm (3/4 inch) thick for enhanced impact protection to reduce injuries from falls, drops, and bumps.
  • 【Multi-purpose】– The shorts are perfect protective gear for ice skating, figure skating, roller skating, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and many other sports and extreme activities.
  • 【Stretchable, breathable, and comfortable】– The shorts are constructed with breathable and 4-way stretch spandex and nylon fabric that moves with your body so you can perform all the jumps, spins, and lifts with ease and peace of mind. Strong elastic waist band firmly holds the shorts in position.
  • 【Fitting Tips】– The shorts are constructed with very stretchy fabric. The size chart is based on normal fit of weight, waist size, and hip circumference. If you want a tighter fit, you can go one size down.


Product Features:

  • Breathable and lightweight material can wick out moisture and keep a fresh and cool fit
  • Elastic fabric and adjustable waist make snug fit,unti-slip silicone bars on the leg opening does not slide down during your activity
  • EVA padded designed on the hip, tailbone, thighs provides ultimate combination of protection and flexible
  • Padded shorts is functional wear for basketball, soccer, baseball, football, paintball, hockey, ice skating, snowboard, scooter, skiing, volleyball, rugby, snowmobile, cycling, etc.
  • Size info: M: Flats Waist line: 26.37”, Suggest Height: 5.41’-5.57’, Suggest Weight: 94-139lb; L:Flats Waist line: 27.95”, Suggest Height: 5.57’-5.74’, Suggest Weight: 139-161lb; XL: Flats Waist line: 29.52”,Suggest Height: 5.74’-5.9’, Suggest Weight: 161-183lb; 2XL: Flats Waist line: 31.1”, Suggest Height: 5.9’-6.06’, Suggest Weight: 183-205lb

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of wearing skate padded shorts?

The benefits of wearing skate padded shorts are numerous. They provide protection from scrapes and bruises while skating, as well as protection from the cold. The padding helps to absorb the impact of a fall, reducing the risk of serious injury. The shorts also allow for greater freedom of movement, making it easier to perform tricks. Additionally, the shorts are lightweight and breathable, making them comfortable to wear. Finally, skate padded shorts look stylish and can help to complete any skater’s outfit.

2. How do I choose the right size of skate padded shorts?

Choosing the right size of skate padded shorts is important for comfort and protection. The best way to determine the correct size is to measure your waist and hips and then compare that to the size chart for the brand of shorts you are considering. You want the shorts to be snug but not too tight. If you are in between sizes, it is usually best to go up a size. It is also important to consider the length of the shorts. You want them to be long enough to cover your hips and upper thighs to provide the best protection.

3. Are skate padded shorts comfortable to wear?

Yes, skate padded shorts are comfortable to wear. They are designed to provide cushioning and support for the hips and tailbone, which helps to reduce the risk of injury while skateboarding. The breathable material also helps to keep you cool and comfortable while skating.

Final Words

Skate padded shorts are a great way to protect yourself while skating. They provide a layer of protection against falls and impacts that can occur while skating, as well as providing extra comfort and support. Skate padded shorts are available in a variety of styles and sizes to fit any skater’s needs. They are a great way to stay safe and comfortable while skating and can help to reduce the risk of injury.

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