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City Council does encourage growth, standards

(Posted May 23, 2016)

I've been dismayed to hear disparaging remarks from the "Make It Better" group that suggest people don't want to live in Casa Grande but rather prefer Maricopa, or that "Make It Better" opposes no-growth policies referring to City Council. I've served under Mayor Mitchell, Mayor Walton and now Mayor Jackson. Never have any no-growth policies been proffered or adopted. 

Council has been vigilant to set residential standards in place that assure quality growth and they are enforced. We do not cave to special interest groups, moneyed clients or those asking special favor or treatment. 

Looking at two recent data releases relevant to growth, Casa Grande is ranked seventh in Arizona 

by "Cities on the Rise in Arizona" based on population growth, employment growth and income growth. Casa Grande is ranked eighth for population growth in Arizona and the only city in Pinal County to make the top 10 in a report released by Cronkite News. 

Our city's balanced growth that is providing many jobs through very successful industrial recruitment is a large part of Casa Grande's success. We are very livable, are very business friendly, maintain a sense of community and are appreciative of our rural roots in one of Arizona's most balanced communities. 

I am blessed to live in our wonderful community and reach out to “Make It Better" to really help make it better by appreciation, constructive involvement and support rather than unwarranted criticism. 

Dick Powell

Casa Grande

(Powell is a local businessman and member of the Casa Grande City Council)

The Cronkite News story about growth may be found HERE

Craig McFarland responds to Powell letter

(Posted May 23, 2016)

I didn't read anything in the Make it Better "Mission Statement" that said anything about "no-growth policies referring to City Council.” 

As one of the architects I don't remember any comments or reference to City Council. 

Just to make it clear, we are interested in promoting Positive and Responsible Growth. 

Craig McFarland

Casa Grande

(McFarland is a candidate for Casa Grande mayor)

An answer from Dick Powell

(Posted May 23, 2016)

An answer from Dick Powell:

Craig, I was not referring to you but rather your vision statement for Make It Better. 

The City Council sets policy. 

Any statement regarding no growth policy would point directly at City Council.

Excessive red tape, highest building standards

(Posted May 23, 2016)

We all would like to believe Casa Grande promotes growth, but if one digs deep into the Planning and Building Departments, you will see development, by and large, have gone up. 

I personally handle many Mom and Pop businesses looking to expand in our City. The red tape is excessive, even for them. 

I personally have two clients nailed by Code Enforcement to upgrade their properties to current zoning codes. The City definitely gets their pound of flesh from them. 

Casa Grande has some, if not the highest development standards in the county, if not the state. 

We all appreciate all the extras, such as plush landscaping, Myers-impact storm drainage, but it all comes with a big price. 

Heck of a large swallow for most Mom and Pops. 

Chuck Wright

(Wright operates Pinal Design Group in Casa Grande, providing comprehensive commercial and residential building design drafting services.)

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